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Origin of Song was founded in 2016 by Shin and officially launched in 2017.

'Origin of Song' is a name given by the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin, through texts on the goddess's origins. The name signifies our deep longing to return to our roots, our search for the Truth and the larger purpose of humanity. On another level, it reverberates the deep vibrations of our hearts, expressed as songs, the music of love and the pure sound of the Universe.


Origin of Song is also the holding space for Shin's dedicated Reiki website at www.limshinreiki.com.

In January 2021, a small logo refresh was shared to embrace more teachings of the esoteric, Mother Nature's wisdom and to share the nature-based practices of Witchcraft, including plant communication, herbology and the Art of writing spells.  


Shin is currently based in Singapore, Asia. She teaches face-to-face and online classes. Her classes are conducted in both English and Mandarin languages, tailored to students globally, with many residing in Singapore, United States, Australia, Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

About Shin

"We are all our own teachers and personal commitment and dedication in our practice are necessary for transcending the Self and for transformation. Once your state is taken care of, everything happens as they should be." - Shin


Shin's daily and committed spiritual practices (self-care) includes a kriya comprising of specific yogasanas, pranayama, meditation and chanting, and prominently, her Reiki practice. Shin is a certified Standard First Aider with AED and volunteers periodically with Singapore Red Cross.


"We don't know everything. And we don't need to know everything. Knowing what you need to work on and working on what is needed at every moment is the most important. If you can do that, that is enough." - Shin

Shin is a psychic medium. She has a unique ability to read the energies and past lives of people remotely or live, accessing relevant past lives relating to specific issues her clients are facing. This helps her clients understand the bigger picture, purpose and lessons in their current life to bring about clarity and gradually, peace and healing. She is one of the rare few psychics whose niche area lies in detailed access of past lives, and her psychic and clairvoyant work through her Readings have helped and supported many towards gaining clarity. Shin channels messages from higher guidance; from clients' and her Spirit Guides, Angels and the Divine. She is also a medium to communicate with individuals' Loved Ones from the Other Side to guide them onto the path of healing and gradual enlightenment. However she does not currently offer mediumship readings for clients.


Like her beloved grandmother who had a gift in prophecies of death, Shin was born with the ability to receive messages from the Other Side. Since young, she has had received past lives messages and precognitions regarding her and her family, mostly via dreams. Her precognitive, telepathic and clairvoyant dreams aroused her curiosity during her growing up years about most things unexplained and eventually, her deep inner journey. It was not until she fully embraced her path in adulthood that she discovered she was able to consciously connect with higher guidance all along. Through mainly clairvoyance and claircognizance, Shin receives messages for people through her Readings. She loves to not just move around the world but also situate in specific areas to experience greater boundaries of the beauty of Life and extend what she can give, to more people and Mother Earth. Shin believes going deeper within yourself will bring you all the answers you have been seeking. She is currently working on the first Psychic Development workshop that will be starting in June 2021.

Shin has a daily meditation practice and has been meditating for years. She teaches the unique Practicals of Meditation workshop that aims to impart the most practical and valuable knowledge to the practitioner to go about their practice with ease. The workshops are channelled and facilitated with her Spirit Guides, are free of religious beliefs and translate years of experience across various temples, retreats and teachers as well as her most insightful revelations that will save the beginner practitioner lots of fumbling to begin exploring the 'state of meditation' within. Students willl also be introduced to the powerful practice of pranayama and breath work. Shin is also a student of Sadhguru, having met the guru overseas by chance at an initiation she signed up for. She has attended various sadhana and kriya practice sessions including the beginning Inner Engineering programme by the Isha Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Born into a family of Taoists and Buddhists, these teachings are linked to her continuous learning journey in Dharma, where she is a lifelong student, mainly learning through daily life practice and action.


Reiki is the foundation of Shin's daily spiritual practice, along with meditation, and works primarily with her main guide, Archangel Raphael, in all her healing work. When she started searching for Life's deeper meaning and true purpose, Shin was guided to learn the practice by her Spirit Guides through a chance encounter with a book and meeting Archangel Michael via a past life regression. Without knowing specifically what she was going into, she stepped into her first Reiki class and never looked back since. Shin is a certified Reiki Master Teacher under the Reiki Centre lineage, and trained with Elaine Grundy. She has been in practice for over 6 years and teaching. Shin is also the first certified Medical Reiki Master (Gold Standards & Practices RKMRI©) in Singapore who has trained with renowned Medical Reiki pioneer, Raven Keyes, in New York many years back and also with pioneer Pamela Miles. Her stint in Manhattan has inspired her to set up and facilitate the first professional public Reiki clinic for the community with volunteer peers in Singapore since 2019. She is also an ordained interfaith Minister for states under the United States of America, an ordination required under her active Medical Reiki Master calling on the RKMRI Medical Reiki practitioners Registry to be called into surgical theatres.

Shin also has extensive experience spanning 17 years, working directly with and including the education of youths and youths-at-risk, with specific focus on gradual mental development and modern mental illnesses inflicting our youths and/or loved ones today. Her work started when she herself was a teenager, working on causes that mean a lot to her. Her accumulative experience in private education also led her to author and independently distribute her book of notes for the Science Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Her clinical Reiki experience in mostly the human nervous system and pain management has also supported her work with youths and her Reiki clients with similar mental and emotional imbalances. She has also given talks at organisations to speak about self-care and mental health, including to nurses at the Institute of Mental Health, Woodbridge Hospital in Singapore.

Back in her school days, Shin was a sprinter in her schools' Track and Field meets and participated on the national level in long distance races. The frequent trainings caused her to sustain a chronic knee injury at age 18 which she has since fully recovered from with Reiki healing. Subsequently at the same age in pre-college, she entered her first yoga class with an Indian teacher but took the interest further only years later, eventually training in the art of Hatha yoga teaching.


She discovered the Ashtanga form of yoga in her meditation journey years ago, and has been practising ever since, forming a strong connection with the inner strength of the practice. She has trained with a few authorised teachers around the world and is extremely grateful for the learnings. Notable teachers she has practised with and extremely grateful for​; Stanley Lim, Zoe Slatoff, Kino Macgregor, David Swenson and Ty Landrum. They have brought her self-practice deeper in the Mysore style.

In her progressive yoga journey to rediscover her connection with her body, mind and soul, she has also trained with international hand-balancing artist, Miguel Sant'ana and teacher Daria Soloveychik. When her body weakened for a certain period, she trained in pilates and Gyrotonics specifically for rehabilitation. She is currently in training with Vikasa Thailand (200-hour) and Arun Rana (200-hour) for her teaching certification under Yoga Alliance.



Shin is a witch apprentice with the Temple of Witchcraft (TOW) coven in New Salem, USA and has been in formal training and continuing education for two full years. She works a lot with plants and Mother Nature in her self and nature-based practice, preferring to call herself as a Green Witch.  She is one of the first witches under the TOW lineage in Singapore, embodying and leading the change within the country in self-discovery and the workings with nature in this commonly misunderstood practice. Many students have asked about her broad range of experience and studies across various spiritual disciplines. She replies, "Once you are in tune with Mother Nature and your true self, you will understand and realise that they are all one and the same, yet simply zero. Ultimately, the practice(s) you undertake, is your choice to make."

Shin grew up in a traditional Chinese family where her grandmother and father were in her eyes, the most amazing cooks. Her father has not only been a humble Chinese cuisine chef but also a gardener for decades, cultivating her taste buds since childhood and delicate care for and communication with vegetation in her growing years. For almost a year, she was active as a mystery food taster for a well-known chain restaurant in Singapore. Her most memorable food and herb-tasting experience with a friend was in Blue Hill Stone Barns, a farm-to-table concept restaurant in Manhattan New York, where a bundle of (unknowingly high vibrational) smoked herbs and vegetables caused an unexpectedly loud ringing sound in her ears before the dish was even served on her table. Shin has a small home garden along her apartment corridor where she grows vegetables and herbs together with her Dad's decorative plants. She is working on an upcoming workshop on the art of communicating with plants for 2021.


Shin is an avid hobby painter, with a preference for oil paints. Though born into a very humble family in this life, Shin was blessed with many gifts to share with this world. Showing a flair for drawing and art when she was just 3 years old, perceiving shapes, intricate colours and shades in her surroundings, her art teacher aunt brought her to her art classes. She attended group classes with her aunt for a few years until her skills surpassed what she could teach her and her aunt sent her to her mentor, Yap Soon Tay, a children's art teacher of 40 years. Shin studied art continuously for 9 years, exploring various mediums including poster, oil pastels, pencil and graphite sketching, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese ink painting, receiving a 'Best Award' for 5 paintings in her 'Young Artists' Club' days until she took a break at age 11 to focus on her school leaving examinations in the rigorous education system in Singapore. She continued part-time art studies in middle school for 2 more years, exploring acrylic and watercolour before taking her longest break. Shin resumed her art interest in adulthood, and studied with Clayton Hudnall, an American portrait and realist painter in fine arts, for a short period. She paints on her own, without conversation and appreciates the meditative state she slips into while painting with oil. Shin will be placing several of her humble paintings and art for purchase, with a percentage of profits going to the specified charity organisation. They will be available under the "Shop" tab. Her paintings are painted for healing the soul, and she enjoys painting landscapes, harmonising spirit with Mother Nature.


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