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Origin of Song was founded in December 2016 by Shin and officially launched in August 2017.

 Shin had always wanted to set up a healing space to empower and share spiritual teachings with people around the world. However the right name did not drop by by about a year until in December 2016. She was randomly browsing through a library book about the story and origins of our Goddess of Mercy, and was given the three words "Origin of Song" via the texts.

"Origin of Song" signifies our deep longing to return to our roots, our search for the Truth and our larger purpose. It also expresses the true songs and vibrations of our hearts, the music of love and the pure sound of the Universe.

To dedicate a larger part of her focus to teaching the wonderful Reiki practice, a separate space under the holding Origin of Song was set up in July 2018 at www.limshinreiki.com.

To read more about Shin's story with Reiki and her profile, you may visit here.

A little about Shin...

Shin has a unique ability to read the energies and past lives of people remotely or live, including accessing relevant past lives in detail regarding specific issues that her clients are facing to help them understand the bigger picture, purpose and lessons in their current life to bring about clarity and gradually peace and healing. She is one of the rare few psychics whose niche area lies in detailed access of past lives, where her psychic and clairvoyant work through her Readings have helped and supported many towards gaining clarity.

Shin also channels messages from higher guidance; from their Spirit Guides, Angels and the Divine, and as a medium to communicate with their Loved Ones from the Other Side and put them on the path of spiritual enlightenment - for psychic mediumship, she only currently obliges to do so for her family members and does not offer mediumship readings/sessions to clients.

Like her grandmother, she was born with the ability to receive messages from the Other Side. She also received past lives messages and precognitions regarding her and her family since young, mostly via dreams, one of the most open gateways to all other dimensions for us cluttered minds as she believes, from her personal experience. Her precognitive, telepathic and clairvoyant dreams aroused her curiosity during her growing up years about most things unexplained and eventually, spirituality. It was not until she fully embraced her path and calling as a healer and teacher in her adult years that she discovered she was able to connect with higher guidance all along, consciously.

Through mainly clairvoyance and clairaudience (clairsentience) and at times knowing, Shin receives messages for people through her Readings. She loves to not just move around the world but also situate in specific areas to experience greater boundaries of the beauty of Life and extend her hand to more people, spirits and Mother Earth. She believes going deeper within yourself will bring you all the answers you have been seeking.

On the other hand, Shin has extensive experience spanning 15 years, working directly with and including the education of youths and youths-at-risk, with specific focus on gradual mental development and modern mental illnesses inflicting our youths and/or loved ones today. Her accumulative experience in education led her to author and independently distribute her book of notes for the Science Primary School Leaving Examinations (and work in progress for O'levels Pure Sciences). Her clinical Reiki experience in mostly the human nervous system and pain management has also supported her work with the youths and with clients with similar mental and emotional imbalances. She has also given talks at organisations to speak about self-care and mental health, including to nurses at the Institute of Mental Health, Woodbridge Hospital in Singapore.

Shin anchors/facilitates a volunteer community event, the Public Reiki Clinic, where practitioners of all lineages are welcome to join. The first professional public Reiki clinicin Singapore was set up with co-host The 1 Space and in 2020, Shin has moved out of the space to host the clinic to include a wider range of Reiki practitioners. She is based in Singapore, Asia.


Besides Readings, Shin also conducts Practicals of Meditation workshops and shares practical spiritual teachings, free of religious beliefs. She also teaches Reiki (read her Reiki profile here and her story). She shares bite-sized teachings regularly on her Origin of Song and Lim Shin, Reiki Instagram pages, in hopes of making information and teachings more accessible to seekers and practitioners as much as she can. Formal articles on Reiki research, Medical Reiki, meditation etc. are typically shared on the Origin of Song and Lim Shin, Reiki Facebook pages respectively, where you may follow to get learnings from the spiritual and healing communities. She manages all the pages personally so you may get in touch with her on any platform.

Shin believes that we are all our own (spiritual) teachers and that personal commitment and dedication in our practice are necessary, if not the most important, for transcending the self, and for transformation. 'Take care of your state and your state will take care of everything else.' Her daily and committed spiritual practices (self-care) includes a Kriya comprising of specific yogasanas, pranayama, meditation and chanting, and prominently, her Reiki practice. She also practises yoga regularly, particularly the traditional Ashtanga form and Yin. She has been meditating daily for years. Shin is a certified Standard First Aider + AED and volunteers with the Red Cross.

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2012  -  London School of Economics & Political Science (London, UK)

2012  -  Stanford University, RealAcad Venture Management (Stanford, USA)

2013  -  Nanyang Technological University, Bachelors (Honours) (Singapore)

Healing & Esoteric
2015  -  Certified Usui Reiki, Reiki Centre (Singapore)

2016  -  Akasha Soul Healing, Shaman training workshop (Singapore)

2016  -  Certified Usui Reiki, Reiki Centre (Singapore)

2017  -  Certified Usui Reiki, Reiki Centre (Singapore)

2017  -  Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher with Elaine Grundy, Reiki Centre (Singapore)

2018  -  The Usui Reiki Association (Singapore)

2018  -  Medical Reiki Intensive with Pamela Miles (New York, USA)

2018  -  Public Reiki clinics Reiki practitioner volunteer (Manhattan, New York, USA)

2018  -  First Certified Medical Reiki Master in Singapore, Gold Standards and Practices RKMRI with Raven Keyes (New York, USA)

2018  -  Ordained Interfaith Minister for states under the United States of America (New York, USA)

2019  -  Year-long Apprenticeship, Honoured member, Temple of Witchcraft with Christopher Penczak, Salem, NH, USA

2020  -  Year-long Continuing Education Programme, Temple of Witchcraft with Christopher Penczak, Salem, NH, USA

2021  -  Year-long Apprenticeship, Honoured member, Temple of Witchcraft with Christopher Penczak, Salem, NH, USA


Yoga, Meditation & Others

2015  -  Pranayama, Art of Living (Singapore) 

2018  -  Inner Engineering with Sadhguru, Isha Foundation (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 

2018  -  Art of Hand Balancings with Miguel Sant'ana (Singapore)

2018  -  Mysore and Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with Stanley Lim (Singapore)

2018  -  Ashtanga Mysore with Zoë Slatoff (Manhattan, New York)

2019  -  Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with David Swenson (Singapore)

2020  -  Ashtanga Yoga Immersion, Kino MacGregor

2020. -  Ashtanga Yoga Immersion, Ty Landrum

2020  -  Gyrotonics 

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