Freestyle Meditation in Public Gardens

group session 

This is a free session, where you will meditate with Shin and a small group in nature.

Perfect if you already have your own meditation practice, no matter, even if you do not have experience with meditation. However, it is encouraged to have prior experience meditating (be it self guided or taught) as there will be no guidance or discourse involved in this session.


As this is a freestyle session and not a class, the purpose is to experience the beauty of nature together, as well as the harmonics of a small group energy in our meditative states. There will be sounds of the tingsha/singing bowl to ring in the start and end of that morning's practice. 

You must be able to sit for 30mins straight. 


Sessions are only held occasionally from 2020 and will be informed in advance via our newsletter.

Day, dates and time 2019: 

15th November, Friday 

14th December, Saturday

7 - 8 AM (sessions are held in early mornings to optimise the energies of serenity and sunrise)

We meet at 7AM at Lakeside MRT Station, and will walk in to the Gardens together. There will be about 5-15mins of walking in before we start our practice at around 715/730AM. Please do NOT be late. :) 

Day, dates and time 2020: TBA 

Venue: Jurong Lake Gardens

Fees: Free

There are also regular full moon singing bowl meditation session conducted jointly with The 1 Space.

To learn the practicals of meditation, visit this page.

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