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*Limited time sale for the new year!*


Customised and manufactured meditation cushion sets from Taiwan, with design inspiration from the Japanese ergonomic health-promoting Tatami sitting. 


Shin requested for the design customisation to originally suit her daily meditation practice at home, which is modelled after several considerations of taking care of our body and aid the stilling of the mind. 


For more details, please refer to "Product Info".


How to Care For Your Set of Cushions?

To care for it, simply remove and wash the outer brown covering and air the inner cushions under the Sun. Direct sun for half an hour to an hour is ideal, while you may decide to continue airing your cushions longer under bright but not direct sunlight. The cushions can last for as long as your lifespan with proper care and usage. You are encouraged to sit on the softer side instead of the harder tatami side. 


Originally featured on @OriginOfSong's instagram post:


"Many practitioners have asked me how do they choose a meditation cushion to aid them in their practice. As long as you feel comfortable to some extent and that the seating does not hinder your body, any tool can be used, including a rock. However, there are some practitioners who have certain physical conditions and cannot sit cross legged for long and you may like to consider a chair.
For the majority of us, sitting cross legged, in a lotus position or simply with bent knees on the ground for a period of time can promote needles and pins, cramps or numbness. Hence choosing a suitable cushion (set of 2 parts) can be important in aiding a conducive self-practice. 🌿
I am currently reconstructing my tiny home in small ways to open the hall up for small private workshops/practices and am happy to share a few specially customised premium (and hence limited) meditation cushions with you to increase the studio space. These had been tailor-made with a Taiwanese-Japanese manufacturer for a more ergonomic prolonged sitting and is extremely and rarely found in the retail market for purchase. In the images, I am showing my own same set of cushions that has been used daily by me and my family (we share) for more than 3 years.


You will receive a new and unopened set - there are only 3 left that are available for purchase. The sitting (for the resting hip) and resting cushion (for the crossed legs to prevent contact with the cold ground and increases numbing) are each sewn with several alternating layers to reduce chances of our bottoms sinking into the cushion (which does not promote ideal body posture in the long run). The final layer is sealed with a hard Tatami that conducts heat away and relieves humidity and dryness. The cushion feels relatively soft on the top and is relatively hard at the bottom. 

Premium Tatami Meditation Cushion Set

SKU: 001
$180.00 Regular Price
$165.00Sale Price
Color: Brown
  • Each set comes with one bigger cushion mat to lay on the ground to support your legs while you sit cross-legged and the other smaller cushion for sitting.


    Only Brown is available, the colour of grounding and stability with Mother Nature.

    Approximately 2.7-3.0 kg.

    Sitting cushion: 17 x 9 inches
    Resting cushion: 23.5 x 23.5 inches

    Each set will also come with a new recycled bag with handle.

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