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Practicals of Meditation

Primary series of guided classes for self-practice


This is a short and unique introductory series of classes conducted by Shin aimed at the basics and practicalities of meditation in guiding the independent practitioner of all levels for the purpose of dedicated, confident and clean self-practice at home - you will bring home a full practice. You do not need any specific background or beliefs, special 'skills' or knowledge to attend the classes - there is no pre-requisite. 

The series has been the first of its kind since 2018 in practicalities, balanced with tinges of discourse on concepts. This is not a theory class on meditation - growth is greatly perpetuated by and permeates individual experience and not solely through intellectual learning. 


Who is this series suitable for?

This is suitable for anyone who has not tried meditation yet, tried it a few times but never seemed to get into the flow (be it guided or non-guided) and also for practitioners of any level who wish to root in the basics of this practice. To meditate right, proper guidance is encouraged as you progress but note that there are no fixed or 'shoulds/should-nots" ways of how one should practice or slip into the meditative state. Spiritual practices are individual and unique to your own experiences.

What is this series about?

Meditation is a state, a quality, a result from certain necessary cultivation through practice that may pervade all aspects of your daily life when consciously living. We cannot "do" it, but we can "be". And rather through conceptual learning through the mind, the focus of this primary series is through practical experience to achieve the first forms of understanding and realisation. We experience and learn how to observe, without comment, evaluation and judgment. Hence there will be little focus on theory but some balance on discourse/discussions and questions for self-contemplation/inquiry for personal growth. Should you simply be looking for external interpretations of your personal experiences, this is not for you.

To flower, the necessary conditions (environment and atmosphere) must be set up within oneself. Including the germination of seeds planted since the past which is not limited to your lives or minutes.


The process is worked on, the result is not the goal. We meditate not to boost our ego, follow trends, obtain occult abilities or to fulfil expectations of a quieter mind, softer body and better health, though physical tangible and visible benefits usually come as a side benefit of dedicated self-practice, they should never form the basis or desire of your practice. The purpose of meditation and the teaching of the class is to transcend and transform our current selves to go above and beyond at any point in time. We realise and train our minds and in the process, revealing a stable, strong and still state on all levels. At times, there can also be unexpected insightful experiences that we cannot explain using the intellectual mind.

What will be covered?

The practicals of a basic meditation practice is covered, accumulated over Shin's years of meditation practice. Every class is unique and catered to the turnout of the students.

To become meditative is a holistic experience. 

We will cover the series in two halves, the external and the internal. This includes simplistic practicals of setting up individual-ideal conditions for meditation in steps to create distance and to go deep. You will learn how to prepare yourself for your meditation practice. 


In this series, a few key meditative preparatory exercises will be covered for your progressive experiences prior to the pure meditative practice of simply "to-be". This includes the focus through sound, focus through breath, focus through mantra or object and finally, silent meditation (through 'being'). 

  • Breath: its deep importance and inevitable relationship with (our) Life and health

  • Sound: vocalisation of your unique vibrations for resonance and grounding

  • Single-point: bringing back and forward the awareness as your initial point to your meditation journey

  • Silence: the ultimate process and experience of the workshop and roots of your own practice

There may be discourse on some common 'pitfalls' or challenges of the practice stemming from the mind and how one can identify them as they unconsciously slip into these during their independent practice, spread throughout the classes or as your questions arise. This ranges from the typical misconceptions of the practice and also addresses initial individual challenges as one progresses through their journey. In-depth discussions will normally only be covered in the longer Intermediate series that is coupled with theory discourse.

Meditation through movement is not covered and there will be little usage of complicated terms in the primary series to simply focus on the individual experience and the practicals (to reduce intellectual usage through sectioning of mind). Terms and deeper conceptual learning will be covered in the Intermediate class for those who are keen as an optional learning.

When and how is this conducted?

This series will unfold in two main sessions over two days. Commitment to all sessions are compulsory other than unforeseen and uncontrollable events regarding your presence, we can work something out - please kindly commit to the dates prior to registration


To complement your experiences and growth and to keep your practice fresh, you are encouraged to attend our bimonthly meditation circle sessions held with and in Mother Nature (not conducted at the moment due to COVID-19). Silent trail walks are conducted after.

Should the dates not work for you, do kindly express your interest in attending and I am happy to discuss to open new dates for you with minimum two pax in good timing.

All graduates of the series of Meditation workshops by Shin are welcome to attend the Meditation Circles/Trails for support, to experience the power of silence and the collective group dynamics that a solitary practice will not provide.


Practicals of Meditation Series Workshop

Pax*: Classes are held small to ensure attention is given to every student. Minimum 2 people, maximum class size of 5 people.

*Due to COVID-19 guidelines, every student is required to wear a mask during the workshop.


Classes are typically in the mornings to soak in the energies of the morning's sun. Please do NOT be late.

(Workshops are currently paused since 2022)

Please ensure that you head to bed a little earlier than usual to provide sufficient rest to your physical body.


Jurong West

Fees: S$180/pax

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