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Meditation Circle & Nature Trails

a unique circle of practice, support and sharing,

a unique silent retreat at our group nature trails

Updated 2020 information will be available here before end of Feb 2020. Please note that our circles will no longer be held monthly. They will be held once every few months in nature, for earthing and to return to our roots this year.


2019 information:

This meditation circle is a monthly committed gathering set up for those who have undergone training with Shin in the meditation series workshop - Primary/Intermediate. This circle is intended to be a continuous study for seekers. 


The purpose of this circle is:

1. to support new practitioners in ingraining the practice in their body and training of a strong mind, importantly, a stable state on all levels

2. to provide a platform to refresh and recap the practice with practitioners who have paused their practice for some time due to various reasons

3. to support regular committed practitioners in the challenges along their journey

4. to support solitary practitioners of all levels in the power and energy of a group and circle

5. to support practitioners in the art of intention setting, contemplation and detachment (covered in more detail only in Intermediate workshop)

No matter where you are in your meditation or spiritual practice, as you move along your own personal journey, one of the things you can gradually become sensitive to is not only your own personal power but the power of group consciousness.

As a circle, we gather together and share a collective power, that not only generates a supportive environment but also an interesting energy dynamics that provides a different experience to a solitary practice. As humans, we are made to live alone and also in packs. As a circle, we will also explore and experience the collective power, yet we do not deny the collective challenges that we may also share together - many people don’t realise we often share the good and the difficult. We choose to participate in this circle, but there are also a lot of group energy dynamics that are inherent and unconscious that the exploration will serve as growth. 

Our primary meditative tool teaches us to know the ebb and flow of rest, of when to use the tool for contemplation, or for silence or simply without a reason - all without attachment to this very tool. Rest is the tide of day and night, of wake and sleep, of activity and of dream. When we practice, we remind and commit ourselves to an action of rest every. single. day.


In this circle, we will start with a refresher of our primary practice and a 30-45 min full meditation practice, including preparatory exercises. Sharing and support follows. The session may also end with a short meditation.

The circle will happen once every month to support the continuous study of meditators and seekers.


Upcoming dates in 2019:

Every third Sunday morning till further changes, 815 - 10 AM

Upcoming for 2019:

17 November

15 December

Venue: The 1 Space @ 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #02-13A, Singapore 168976

Sliding scale donation: $10 - $25

To sign up or enquire on any questions, email Shin at or click the button below.

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