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Full Moon Meditation with Singing Bowls


Join us on selected full moon nights for a meditation practice and also receive an energetic and vibrant full body experience with our singing bowls! 

A full moon is the phase of the moon when it is completely illuminated, as seen from Earth. During this period, Earth is right between the Sun and the moon, with all three in a line. This period is said to symbolise different things in different cultures. It has religious and spiritual significance in some, and in others, it is believed to symbolise the rhythm of time. In India, it is traditionally believed that the full moon affects the movement and the flow of water in creation. Buddhists believe it is a time for spiritual reflection. The full moon is also thought to bring on swings in the mind and the emotions, hence the term “lunatic", where Luna or Lunar, refers to the moon. In our universe, every object has an impact on the other. The full moon as well as the new moon are thought to have an effect on the body and mind to some extent - practicing pranayama, yoga and meditation can help counter these effects. (Art of Living)


Full moon nights are said to be periods where the moon pours down an enormous amount of energy, and many since time immemorial have dedicated this time to their spiritual practices to go deep within where it is encouraged to be a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect as whatever is going on in our body, mind and spirit will be amplified.

In our session, apart from dedicating a set time for pranayama and silent meditation, we shall be accompanied by the sounds of the ancient singing bowls.

Vibrations from the deep and harmonious sounds of our seven Chakra singing bowls specially hand hammered and brought in from Nepal, including a special Super Moon singing bowl (made during the duration of a Super Moon period) to be used on rare full moon meditation nights aim to reverberate our energy centres, support the cleansing of our energies and bring us back to balance. 

Our session starts off with one pranayama (breathing) exercise as a preparation for the body to enter meditation, followed immediately by a short silent meditation practice. The sounds will of the singing bowls will enter our meditative states gently subsequently, and provide us a refreshing sound bath for our seven Chakras and whole body. After which, the vibrations shall leave us gently and we return to our silent meditation, sitting with our bodies, minds and souls.

Please join us if you are able to sit for 45 minutes to an hour on cushions on the ground. For those unable, proper chairs will be provided for your practice and we are extremely overjoyed to welcome you to join us too! Anyone can attend this session, regardless of your meditation background as this session will be guided.




Please note that I will be facilitating the meditation piece and the singing bowls piece will be worked on by either Alfred or Hui Ming.


Upcoming Sessions:

I will be conducting only the Full Moon meditation on Nov and Dec 2019, and from 2020 onwards, I will no longer be conducting on a regular basis, and likely only during key astrological and energetic period shifts. You will be informed in advance via our newsletter.

For those who are keen to go deeper in a proper meditation practice, you are encouraged to participate in our introductory classes.

730 - 830 PM


November 12th

December 12th (this will be the last meditation with singing bowls that I am conducting for this year)


Minimum energy exchange of $10 is much appreciated! :)


The 1 Space @ 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, 

#02-13A, Singapore 168976

Sign up by emailing Shin here.

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