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  • Q: What happens in a general Reading with me?
    A: I will tune in to your 'energy field' or 'aura' to receive information. You will be able to connect with your Guides through me as I receive information telepathically from them. There are three main parts that I usually deliver; significant past lives that influenced you now and their life lessons, main messages or advice from your Guides, and any specific action items advised, although it really depends on what I receive. Since your Guides are in pure spirit/energetic form, they know every aspect of your life from health and career matters to love and relationships. You are welcome to ask questions. Questions can be timeless and spaceless, just as the Reading will be. I will communicate with your higher self, Loved Ones from the Other Side (if they do intercept the channel) and/or Guides and Angels to hear the answers to your questions. Every reading is a unique experience so you may feel both excited and relaxed!
  • Q: Will I know which Guides you are communicating with?
    A: Should they share their names or identities with you, I will deliver it. Although, most of the times this is not common, as the Guides work in a team and it is not necessary to single them out unless usually for a higher or specific purpose they would want you to be aware of.
  • Q: How am I different from other psychics or healers?
    A: I do detailed readings of your past lives and is able to access any record in your blueprint in your energies. This is also commonly known as your Akasha or simply, your energy field. No personal information is required for a reading to take place except for your (recent) photo (not needed for face-to-face sessions) and your name. As with any other profession, every psychic, healer or teacher is different in their experience and expertise, so you may feel free to look for one whom you feel you can connect to and prefer, for a Reading. :)
  • Q: Will strong emotions be aroused during a Reading?
    A: Every Reading is unique to the individual as I channel and share with you messages. This is unlike a past life regression, where hypnosis allows you to enter a meditative/trance-like state to see and feel certain events in your past lives, which may or may not arouse strong emotions as part of the release. As I read for you, you typically do not experience the same, but release may happen in the form of emotions so I have had clients who for example sob hard during Readings, which kickstarts the healing of their soul. For deep-seated attachments/issues, I may advise accordingly for a separate healing session in the form of Reiki to allow yourself to go to the root.
  • Q: Am I required to do anything during the Reading?
    A: No, just being present, open and sitting there comfortably is sufficient. There is no need for any physical contact or 'rituals'.
  • Q: Can I come for a Reading again and again?
    A: Yes you can, however this is based on each individual. Most I have advised that you do not need to come for a second Reading until you have worked on your current steps required for you to move on to the next phase of progress in your life, which you may decide to seek more clarity and guidance on your journey if your heart calls for. Until then, there is really no need to, as the key themes and messages tend to be similar. I also do not encourage you to depend on psychic Readings to make decisions in your life for you; your free will prevails and you have to take control of your own life.
  • Q: Do you do mediumship readings?
    A: I typically do not provide sole mediumship readings to connect with your deceased Loved Ones. However, if they would like to connect with you and comes up during your Reading, please be rest assured that I will channel the messages to you accordingly.
  • Q: Have you taken a course to learn how to read energies and past lives?
    A: No, this is a separate gift that arose during a guided meditation after I accepted and embraced my path as a teacher and healer especially after my initiation as a Reiki master then. I did not take any courses on Akashic Records/past lives reading that played a role in this specific work at the moment.
  • Q: Do you conduct classes on how to read energies or past lives?
    A: I do not conduct classes/workshops specifically on this at this moment. However, I conduct Meditation and Reiki classes, which are a great self-empowerment tools to learn how to go deeper within and connect more with yourself, and heal yourselves and your loved ones respectively. You may like to sign up for my newsletter to keep abreast of any updates. :)
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